Victory Embroidery - VinaTrade

  • VINATRADE  is a joint venture company with Thailand group which specializes in supplying some kinds of materials for garments industry with the motto: “Best quality, competitive price, and customers are the mission”. Therefore, our products always ensure your good quality and perfect outputs.

    Especially, the embroidery & sewing thread products with our brand have  been trusted and used by the export processing enterprises. Our products have  been exported to Europe, the U.S, Japan, Korea and so on … and received warm reception of customers for  stable colors and quality over the past years.


    For the passion and the desire to be a top business group with multi-industry development in Vietnam. We want  to partly contribute to the general development trend and the integration of country and  jointly satisfy our customers by creating the products made in Vietnam, and environmentally friendly.


    With many years of experience, we have really mastered the market trends. This allows us to go together with internal & external enterprises to supply the products with international quality standard, competitive price, friendly environment as well.

    With the modern assembly line and the active team professionally trained, we always focus on researching and developing a variety of  products with high quality and the best service in order to help the enterprises have  the best competitiveness  in the market.



    With  the motto “Best quality and customers are our top mission” , VINATRADE always diversifies  various embroidery threads  including Polyester, Rayon, Metallic….. In addition, we also increase the production of sewing threads and high tenacity threads to meet the customers’ expectations.


    Our products always comply with  the environment protection policy of the government for not containing dangerous & harmful chemical materials and being ensured to the allowed standard of the garment industry. We also obtained the standard 100 certificate by Oke-Tex.