A long, thin strand of fiber used in sewing or weaving

    A thing resembling a thread in length or thinness, like a river in the distance

    A group of linked messages on an internet forum

    A helical ridge on the outside of a screw or bolt or on the inside of a coordinating hole

    A slangy way to refer to articles of clothing

    A tenuous or feeble support, like a spider’s web or as in “hanging by a thread”

    A continuing element, as in a melancholy style of writing or a reoccurring symbol in a movie

    To pass a thread through the eye of a needle

    To pass something long and thin into place, like a rope into a pulley or film into a camera

    To move carefully around obstacles, like a waitress in a crowded diner

    To interweave an object with others, like a hair threaded with gray

    To put small objects together, like a string of beads or cubes of meat on a skewer

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